Community Workshop #2 – Visual Preference and Workshop Stations

DWQA QuestionsCommunity Workshop #2 – Visual Preference and Workshop Stations
Seaside 2040 Staff asked 1 year ago

If you would like to answer questions discussed at Community Workshop #2, you can complete the visual preference survey (click here) and workshop station questions (click here) online.

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Lacey Raak answered 1 year ago

I completed the workshop questions online and attended the community forum session.  There is one important thing that I would like to make sure is shared and I didn’t find the space to share in either of the previously mentioned venues). I think it is critical that the community keep everything west of Gen Jim Moore free from development.  I request this not because I am anti-development (Im actually quite the opposite).  What I want to maintain is a connection from sea-side to hill-side.  Using (and improving) Broadway as a connection between these to amazing assets.
I  think it is critical to maintain connections to CSUMB and provide the housing, business and amenities that are desirable to students, staff and faculty and also to help keep that workforce in the area. An auto center is an incredibly short-sited development idea for that area.
Finally, I think it would be great to connect more to the culture of the community.  Can the architecture more resemble communities from Latin@ community (i.e. San Miguel de Allende, San Cristobal de las Casas etc.) Less of the San Diego, suburb x.y,z style. More soccer fields and community parks with people to just walk or have outdoor concerts in gazebos, outdoor markets or food truck lots, etc.
Thanks for all the work you have done, it is exciting to envision the possibilities.

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