Vision – What do you like about the vision statement? What’s missing?

DWQA QuestionsVision – What do you like about the vision statement? What’s missing?
Seaside 2040 Staff asked 1 year ago

The following is a draft vision statement for the General Plan. Vision statements paint a picture of what Seaside will be in the future and captures key values and aspirations. What do you like about the vision statement? What’s missing?

Seaside is a thriving community in which people can live, work, shop, and play in a beautiful coastal setting. People are attracted to the City’s small town character, social diversity, cultural identify, rich history, and abundant natural resources and open space networks. The City is welcoming of all people and strives to be a diverse, peaceful, healthy, and balanced community on the Monterey Peninsula.

Seaside is economically diverse and prosperous with new innovative industries and strong local businesses with a vibrant downtown that attracts residents and visitors to the Peninsula. New development on former Fort Ord lands supports the regional economy, utilizes California State University of Monterey Bay (CSUMB), and provides benefits for all the City’s residents. Education and training for youth – the next generation of City leaders – and adults, and support high-quality job placement opportunities for all residents.

Seaside is a community with thoughtful, planned growth and well-designed neighborhoods that respect and complement the natural environment. A variety of housing, recreational, and economic development opportunities are available that clearly identify Seaside as a destination on the Monterey Peninsula with access to regional-serving employment, CSUMB and the Fort Ord National Monument. A multimodal transportation system supports land uses and mobility for all residents.

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Louise Berry answered 1 year ago

A vision statement should be short and simple starting with “we envision Seaside as……..”

A culturally diverse, small local business supported community with opportunity for multi generational programs to support education, environmental protection and outdoor opportunities for all citizens to enjoy.