What is your vision for Seaside in 2040? What will the City look like in 2040?

DWQA QuestionsWhat is your vision for Seaside in 2040? What will the City look like in 2040?
Seaside 2040 Staff asked 2 years ago
3 Answers
Alyson Wilner answered 2 years ago

I think that Seaside will continue to improve.  Houses remodeled.  Broadway and Fremont will continue to be the business corridor.
I don’t believe that more housing is needed above Mescal.  That space should be left untouched for residents to walk and enjoy.  There’s nothing wrong with “natural park.”
You could eliminate some of our 35 parks which you are unable to provide water.  Could be interesting modest income housing.

Barbara answered 2 years ago

In order for Seaside to improve, it needs to address the its look.  There are so many houses that are un-kept fences falling apart, houses unpainted and junk piled up in front yards.
the city needs to crack down on these people and fine the owner of the house as most likely they are renters who don’t care.  Seaside needs
to get the neighborhoods to clean up there yards, plant trees, they need to address the car parking on neighborhood streets. There are way to many
cars parked.  I do not believe more housing should be built, but rather clean up what they do have here in Seaside.

Lacey Raak answered 2 years ago

Strong embrace of CSUMB and diversity of seaside.  Stronger identity, (“Sunny Seaside”).  Building on the natural resource opportunities.  Keep the skyline (ie Fort Ord) open and strengthen the connection (physical connection) between Fort Ord and the Bay.  (perhaps via Broadway).
More trees, improved landscaping and upkeep of buildings and residences.