Plan Documents

Public Draft of General Plan

The Public Draft General Plan (Seaside 2040) is now available for review! Seaside 2040 reflects extensive input from the community, documenting a shared vision for the future of Seaside and setting the policies and programs to achieve that vision.


Seaside 2040 - Screen Version

Seaside 2040 - Print Version (by chapter)

The public comment period was open from November 28, 2017 to January 26, 2018.

The final plan is anticipated to be released in Summer 2018, following the anticipated release of the draft EIR in Spring 2018.

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Existing Conditions Report

Existing Conditions Report (low res)

Existing Conditions Report (high res)

Community Engagement Plan

The community engagement process will be guided by the Community Engagement Plan. This plan provides the framework for the engagement process, including the goals, the target audiences, and the types and number of activities.  The intent of this Community Engagement Plan is to summarize the approach and key outreach activities. Detailed information will be developed for many specific activities as the project moves forward. The Community Engagement Plan may be downloaded here



Existing Land Use Map
General Plan Land Use Map